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Christmas door 1006 pixelsMerry Christmas! This festive door from The Rowley House Museum in Williamsport, PA exemplifies the spirit of a Victorian Christmas. From Susan B. Anthony’s letters and biographies, we know that the Rochester Anthonys frequently kept Christmas low-key. (See especially my upcoming post about one of Susan’s most memorable yuletides.) However, the Kansas Anthonys, who enjoyed more affluence, may have hosted celebrations more in keeping with the festive customs sweeping across America.

Speaking of the Kansas Anthonys, I am putting finishing touches on my novel about them entitled The Truth About Daniel. Watch this space for how to get it as an e-book in January. In the meantime, holiday blessings!

Click here for an in-depth article on Christmas in the United States. And click here for a look at Britain’s queen who started all the fa-la-la! (On the topic of queens, how accurate is the Netflix series The Crown?)



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