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Tombstones: Susan B. Anthony, Mary S. Anthony, Madge; also larger Anthony monument
Graves of Susan B. Anthony and family in Mt. Hope Cemetery, photo by Jeanne Gehret

Election Day 2016: Thousands experienced the beauty and peace of Mt. Hope Cemetery yesterday when they gathered at the grave of Susan B. Anthony in a fitting tribute to one of America’s greatest women. Rochester officials estimate the crowd at 10,000 visitors.

Susan B. herself traversed those paths many times to lay to rest family members. These include the remains of her father Daniel (d. 1862) and her mother Lucy (d. 1880), as well as her sister Guelma Anthony McLean and her niece Madge. Her sister Mary, who died after Susan, is buried next to the great reformer.

Who are those other people listed on the monument?

All Susan’s siblings are noted on the family monument at Mt. Hope, but three of them are interred at Mt. Muncie Cemetery in Leavenworth, Kansas: Hannah Anthony Mosher, Jacob Merritt Anthony, and Daniel Read Anthony, the father of baby Maude, who was buried in Rochester at the tender age of “five months, 18 days.”

It is likely that Susan B. Anthony also visited the graves of her fellow reformer Frederick Douglass (d. 1896) and Henry Selden (d. 1885), the lawyer who worked pro bono on her 1873 trial for voting.

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