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Susan B. Anthony And Justice For All: Suffrage Centennial Edition

eBook: $2.99
Author: Jeanne Gehret
Genre: Biography
Publisher Verbal Images Press
Publication Year: 2017
Format: paperback or Kindle
Length: 128 pages
Illustrator: Jeff Lennox
ISBN: 9781884281006

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Why is Susan B. Anthony so famous, and who was she behind that stern profile?

Celebrate the reformer whose drive and passion for equality made such a difference in the lives of women and African-Americans. From her early work against slavery in the 1860s through her fight for woman suffrage, Anthony traveled the world, voted illegally, and changed history.

Biography of Susan B. Anthony that carefully follows primary sources (Ida Harper, Alma Lutz), and is updated to include the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in New York State (1917) and the U.S. (1920).


“A strong and concise overview of Susan B.’s life and the issues she faced.”

Rose O’Keefe, author of Frederick & Anna Douglass in Rochester, New York

“In Susan B. Anthony And Justice For All, students have a chance to see what the world was like for both women and black people more than 100 years ago. . . . Anthony’s story is well told by Gehret.”

Beaumont Enterprise

“A readable, lively biography of the women’s suffrage advocate, abolitionist, and temperance crusader.”

School Library Journal