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My new book on Susan B. Anthony’s brother Daniel will soon hit the shelves. I’m anticipating publication this summer or fall. If you love history and enjoy a good romance, watch for news of it on this blog.

More than four years in the making, this book has led me to ten cities where I happily pored through old photos and news clippings on such diverse topics as whaling, western expansion, soldiers’ uniforms, horse thieving, slavery and antislavery, leisure time at famous resorts, corsets and skirt hoops, the Kansas Border Wars, and Victorian wedding customs. Oh, and don’t forget such Anthony contemporaries as John Brown, Julia Ward Howe, Abraham Lincoln,  Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, or Horace Greeley. Or the Anthony siblings Guelma, Susan, Hannah, Mary, and Merritt. Or . . . (oops. Guess the full list would be too long for one post.)

I started the book because I was curious about three things that seem lost in history: How did Daniel Read Anthony of Kansas meet Anna Osborn of Martha’s Vineyard? Why did these two people, almost 20 years apart in age, marry? And what did Susan think about this liaison?

Because no one seems to know the answers, it’s historical fiction. But believe me, I’m packing in as many facts as I think readers will tolerate!

When I’m not revising (think 12-hour days and bleary eyes) to get ready for alpha and beta readers of the manuscript, I’m considering how to do something special for you, my blog readers. We still have to pick out a title and cover, for instance, and determine what to do with the outtakes (bits and pieces that got cut from the final version).

So if you enjoy this blog, please go to the home page and subscribe on the right side. When I look at my blog statistics, I see lots of hits every day. Now is the time to register. You’ll be glad you did!

I am a little smitten with Daniel Read Anthony. But the largest part of my heart still resides with my husband, who accompanied me to all those cities and their libraries. Yes, dear reader, true love still exists!

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