A prominent citizen of Leavenworth, KS, Daniel Read (D.R.) Anthony (1824-1904) was a fervent abolitionist who violently freed many African-Americans from slavery. After Abraham Lincoln took office, D.R. joined 115 other Kansas men at the White House protecting Lincoln from abduction. He served as a lieutenant-colonel who led the Kansas 7th in the Civil War. In January 1864, he married a whaling heiress named Anna (Annie) Osborn.

After the war, Anthony had many streams of income. For many years he sold insurance. He served as mayor of Leavenworth, KS, for many terms, and also as postmaster. Throughout the same years, he founded a newspaper dynasty that lasted three generations and was an proponent of the early Republican party. He bred and sold livestock.

D.R. and Annie led an active life, often traveling to places where Susan was speaking. After her first visit to them in Kansas, she returned frequently and tried out many of her woman suffrage campaigns there first. Annie and her daughter hosted large events for Susan and later preserved her memory.

Throughout his life, Annie and D.R. supported African Americans and women’s rights. They frequently paid travel expenses for Susan B. Anthony.