Susan B. Anthony And Justice For All: Suffrage Centennial Edition

Why is Susan B. Anthony so famous, and who was she behind that stern profile? Celebrate the reformer whose drive and passion for equality made such a difference in the lives of women and African-Americans. From her early work against slavery in the 1860s through her fight for woman suffrage, Anthony traveled the world, voted illegally, and changed history. [Read More...]


The Truth About Daniel

Historical novel about Susan B. Anthony’s rabble-rousing brother in Kansas. Annie Osborn was fascinated by everything about Daniel Read Anthony—his service as a Civil War colonel who battled slavery; his courage and endurance settling the wild West; and his family ties to Susan B. Anthony, Annie’s own heroine. Nevertheless, she has doubts about his suitability as a husband. Did he risk his life for unselfish reasons or because he enjoyed danger? [Read More...]