My approach to Anthony history is unique because my main focus is on their family background, not their public personas. Unlike museums and historic homes devoted to them (which I deeply appreciate), I’m not promoting buildings here.

To me, a historic home is important because of the way the individual interacted with it. How did the home (and its location) shape the individual, and vice versa? What did the home reflect of the individual’s personality? What did we learn about their preferences, needs, and private pastimes amid a life of service?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in all the major locations I’m writing about. As you read further, I’ll share many historic sites with you. Much of my research is based on historic photographs and newspaper articles from that period.

The same goes for their public activities. As I’ve read about this mix of fascinating activists and homebodies that made up the Anthony family, I’m looking at what motivated them, how they reacted to internal and external events, what their family meant to them, and what they did when it all got to be too much.


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Sewing and quilting, tending and befriending

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An American Christmas, 1863

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