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I write about Daniel and Annie Anthony, who are a branch of Susan B. Anthony’s family tree. These are tales of grit, integrity, and soul.

Do you love family sagas, larger-than-life heroes who really lived, and glimpses of the Victorian era? Then my stories are a good fit for you. Relax and escape with me to the United States’ 19th century, which corresponds to the Victorian era.

I love that century because it was a time of hopeful energy that translated into reform movements. Many brave women and men won battles for human rights during that era. But no one epitomized it more than abolitionist Daniel Read Anthony and his sister Susan B.. If you’re looking for some quick facts about individual members of their family, have a look at the FAQ page, where you can get a lot of information quickly.

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Books about the Anthonys

The Coping Series, now out of print.

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(Left) My recent work on the trailblazing Anthonys.  My earlier landmark books (right) for children who learn differently and for their families.

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The heart of this website is my newsletter articles (formerly blogposts), ranging over many subjects about the Anthonys. Join me as I indulge my curiosity to research the Anthonys’ push for racial and gender equality; contemporaries who influenced them; plus pivotal events in their lives and details about their family members. You’ll also find the culture that shaped them, from sobering elements of the Civil War years to engaging and sometimes frivolous factoids about the Victorian era. After all, the Anthonys were real Victorians!

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About Jeanne

Confessions of a nineteenth-century nerd: Jeanne greatly admires the Anthonys and their friends for their dynamic energy. She also draws inspiration from that era with its idealism and Victorian quirks. By tethering herself firmly to the present day, she has managed to write and publish six books, win awards, do historic re-enactments, and speak in hundreds of venues. However, handling her reproduction of a Civil War-era bodice can often cause her to embark on more time travels.